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PLEASE help.

okay this may be a tad longer than what i usually do , so pleas excuse the typos and rambling, ect.

for those of you who may not know. i have a great husband, I coulndt find a better husband, father, friend, lover ect. but he has a really big flaw that comes between us monthly. his MOTHER. you guys this is the head bitch of all nasty mother-in-laws. actually his whole family are very backward and judmental. they are very 'country". i mean deer, squirrel, whatever hunting people. grrrr.
anyways back to her. some things she has done to me that have offended me. please tell me if i am over reacting to these.
when we first started dating thanksgiving came and we had been toghther only about 2 months. she had him ask me to go to thier dinner- i told him to tell her no, that maybe at xmas i would come but i wasnt confortable and had other plans. so what does she do? calls herself and says i know phill said you didnt want to but will you anyways?
well- i knew right then i wasnt gonna like her.

2) when she talks about her grandkids she says i have 4 grandkids and one step grandson (mine from a other relationship). stepgrandson? wtf--dont fucking claim him at all, bitch.

3) i dont want my baby smoked around -=this has caused alot of stress . seems lodical to me. but no to her i am way outa line. to this day i have never had the baby inside a house when she is around becuase i know she will. if we go there we time it so we will be outside.

4) if i call her house(rare) she picks up the phone and says yea brandi in a real put out tone.

5)anything that has to do with the baby comes from phill she always-
oh she is sweet like her dad--she has a great smile like her dad- ect-- get the point? lol.

6) she always up phills ass- hand on knee doting on every word. i mean you would think my hubby is fucking edddie murphy/jim carrey the way she laughs at him. uhhhh.

7)on my sons b-day she left a cig butt on my patio furniture. on the seat. and i know she did it to be a bitch. but phill says this was a accident.

8)she lets the baby suck on her fingers right RIGHT after she smoke with out washing her hands.

9) she kisses babies mouth right after smoking.

10) i was trting to be nice to her whn Ava was gonna be born. i had 10 friends and family that was gonna be in the room. so i asked her to be in there even though i absolutly didnt want her in there. and to help her feel included and involved i asked her to film it. okay you guys i wish you could see the tape (it is only waist up) she cut me out of my own childs birth. i am on there maybe 15 minutes outa a whole hour and half birth. the fucking nurse in on there more than me. oh but hey--she was nice enough to put the camera on the shelf and film herself holding the baby for 10 or fifteen minutes. for real! i was gonna have my cousin film but like i said i was trying to include her.

okay i could list at least 20 but on to the next --

his brother. long story short i have a dayc are in my home. i was watching his child for free. his 8 yr old kid got sunburned. he got mad at me and took his child from me and has never and i never spoke to me again. even though i have said sorry many times.

well bitch is having a bday party for my hubby and his brother. and she expects me to go and put up with this shit. my sons bday was a few weeks ago, did his brother come? no. oh but i should go to his? i get sick at my tummy thinking of being there.

i am a nice person i dont see how this happended. i have alot of friends,,, of all types. i have a best friend that is a police detective. the other is a pot head. some with 100,000 dollar houses one lives in housing. whats my point? just that i can and do get along with all kinds of people.

i have even called her and told her i wanted us to work on our friendship and she said okay but still acts this way.

on my sons bday- she sat in the same spot all day. and my friend over heard her say to his brother that did come- dont break nothing then she will have somehting else to blame us for. she said this becasue he was playing with his son with a $3 big lots wiffle ball bat and it slung oputa his hands and hit the shed.

i dont wanna go you guys. what would you do?
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