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Saturday, April 30th, 2005
11:21 am - trapped in the universe

My mother-in-law, loved me until my husband put the ring on my finger.  when we told her that we were buying a condo, the first thing out of her mouth was.."can you afford it?"  then when my husband told her that he was excited that he could relax and not have to do yard work or plowing, she retaliated and said..."well you have to do mine."  The thing that bothers me the most about her, is the fact that with everything she does against me, it hurts my husband.  No matter what i keep trying to be her friend but she does not think of me as part of the family.  She calls my husband when he is at work at least 3 times, but never when he is home because she doesnt want me to answer.  He has started to not answer her, and now she is freaking out sending him text messages!...There are many other things that she has done, and not only her, but my husbands sister as well.  If anyone can give me some advice that would be great because i am at my wits end.  i feel bad that my husband has to be distant from his family, and that she never sees me as part of the family, because it hurts him!!! let me know what you think i should do.

current mood: distressed

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Sunday, February 1st, 2004
8:16 pm - *Taken from my personal journal*

As of late, my life has been one big ball of turbulent emotions.

So many things are going on, and so many things are going right and wrong, and everything is good and bad, it's just....chaoticCollapse )

Here are some notes that might help you understand my story a bit better.


- David is my boyfriend/fiance who I've been together with for 1 year and 8 months.

- Camen is his sister who is in her 30s.

- Tony is David's younger brother, he is 21.

- I am 19 years old.

- David is 23 years old.

current mood: frustrated

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Saturday, January 10th, 2004
11:44 am - So I'm not the only one...

Hello!  I'm new here.  I'm glad I found this place!  My husband and I haven been married for a year and a half now, and the longer we're married, the worse my mother-in-law gets!  She is absolutely nuts and EVIL!  My husband has even said she's nuts!  I'll explain later when I have more time.  :)  Anyway, it's nice to know I'm not alone. 

current mood: artistic

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Saturday, December 20th, 2003
1:37 pm

I know most of the posts here regard mother and father-in-laws, so I hope nobody minds if I post about my brother-in-law.

I'm so upset. I've been waiting for a call from my sister since Thursday about what to buy my niece for Christmas. She was supposed to buy her a LeapPad, but I didn't know which one. So at 8:47 am I called her to ask which one she bought so maybe I could get out to Wal-Mart before it got too ridiculous and get her a book to add on to it. She told me that they were discussing the issue right now and that she'd all me back. Well, she called me about 10 minutes ago to tell me not to buy her anything else because her husband has issues with the kids getting toys for Christmas.

Now, this is a 4 year old child who told me on Thanksgiving that she was saving places at the table for me and Uncle Chris. Obviously she understands what is going on in the world around her.

I am just floored by the whole situation. I bought her a play pizza that has different toppings you can put on it and I'm not even giving it to her because her father will probably take it away from her because it has too many pieces. I'm giving it to our friend's kids.

To make matters worse, her brother (3 years old) loves Thomas the Tank. My mom decided to buy him one of the really nice starter set with a wood track and you can add to it. So I bought a piece, my brother bought a piece, and I think her mother-in-law is going to buy another piece. So what's going to happen, he's going to get all these really nice toys and she's getting a Care Bear that Santa "accidentally" left at my house? Or is my brother-in-law going to sell it on my nephew?

We won't even get into the fact that there's another brother (1 year old) who I've always felt gets cheated because big sis and bro already have the toys.

So I called my husband at work. He's upset about the whole situation too. We discussed the possibility of us not going to their house on Christmas (it is 2 hours away), but that's not fair to my parents. Plus he just told me about a situation with some of our friends and that just put me over the edge.

I called my mom. My dad picks up the phone and I can here my niece in the background. Instead of putting my mom on the phone, he puts my niece on. I'm amazed it didn't start crying till after I got off the phone. I told my mom that I couldn’t talk to her with my niece there and to call me when she gets a chance. She tells me that it might not be till tomorrow since they are taking her to church. Fine.

So I don't know what to do. I want to respect their wish, no matter how stupid I feel they are. But these are my niece and nephews. I don't want them growing up into some type of freaks because their parents wouldn't let them have toys to play with. I'm just at a loss.

current mood: irritated

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Friday, September 26th, 2003
2:38 pm

Hey, I just joined, wanted to let you know a little about my soon-to-be family..

I absolutely love my mother and father in law (right now, heehee). I am sure eventually they will drive me as crazy as my own mom and dad, but for now, my posts will most likely NOT center around them.. The most obnoxious thing my FMIL has ever done is that I asked her 4 months ago for her guest list and she hasn't so much as mentioned it since, although I've brought it up several times. My own mother filled out cards with each person's full name, e-mail and regular addresses, put them in alphabetical order, and handed them over 2 months ago. So she's not that bad.

Unfortunately her KIDS ARE INSANE.. first off they have 9 kids, including Fi, and thankfully they live far enough away that we don't see them too much.. but EVERY time Fi talks to his mom on the phone, something else is happening. They are sneaking out of the house, doing drugs, smoking cigarrettes, having sex, unlicensed driving, you name it, they do it.. I don't know how Fi turned out as well as he did, although he does a few things I don't like (mostly having cigarettes and sleeping around before me!) but compared to his sibs he is a SAINT practically.

Fortunately most of them are still pretty young but the older ones are just crazy, to the point that I don't know if one of the boys will be in the wedding, and one of the girls is flirting with getting put in a mental institution if she doesn't slow down. And it's not just his immediate family either, he has a cousin in jail.

Obviously this doesn't impact me too much, but it drives me crazy. Mostly because Fi is always irritated at how his mom lets those kids do all this stuff, and I know that eventually she is going to want to have OUR kids stay with her for periods of time (as the grandma!). I don't want my kids turning out like their side of the family.. as bad as that sounds.

So anyway, right now I consider myself lucky, compared to some of the stories in here.. but most of my posts will center around these kids for now.. just wanted to introduce myself a little :)

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Tuesday, July 15th, 2003
9:44 pm - PLEASE help.
fat_momma okay this may be a tad longer than what i usually do , so pleas excuse the typos and rambling, ect.

for those of you who may not know. i have a great husband, I coulndt find a better husband, father, friend, lover ect. but he has a really big flaw that comes between us monthly. his MOTHER. you guys this is the head bitch of all nasty mother-in-laws. actually his whole family are very backward and judmental. they are very 'country". i mean deer, squirrel, whatever hunting people. grrrr.
anyways back to her. some things she has done to me that have offended me. please tell me if i am over reacting to these.
when we first started dating thanksgiving came and we had been toghther only about 2 months. she had him ask me to go to thier dinner- i told him to tell her no, that maybe at xmas i would come but i wasnt confortable and had other plans. so what does she do? calls herself and says i know phill said you didnt want to but will you anyways?
well- i knew right then i wasnt gonna like her.

2) when she talks about her grandkids she says i have 4 grandkids and one step grandson (mine from a other relationship). stepgrandson? wtf--dont fucking claim him at all, bitch.

3) i dont want my baby smoked around -=this has caused alot of stress . seems lodical to me. but no to her i am way outa line. to this day i have never had the baby inside a house when she is around becuase i know she will. if we go there we time it so we will be outside.

4) if i call her house(rare) she picks up the phone and says yea brandi in a real put out tone.

5)anything that has to do with the baby comes from phill she always-
oh she is sweet like her dad--she has a great smile like her dad- ect-- get the point? lol.

6) she always up phills ass- hand on knee doting on every word. i mean you would think my hubby is fucking edddie murphy/jim carrey the way she laughs at him. uhhhh.

7)on my sons b-day she left a cig butt on my patio furniture. on the seat. and i know she did it to be a bitch. but phill says this was a accident.

8)she lets the baby suck on her fingers right RIGHT after she smoke with out washing her hands.

9) she kisses babies mouth right after smoking.

10) i was trting to be nice to her whn Ava was gonna be born. i had 10 friends and family that was gonna be in the room. so i asked her to be in there even though i absolutly didnt want her in there. and to help her feel included and involved i asked her to film it. okay you guys i wish you could see the tape (it is only waist up) she cut me out of my own childs birth. i am on there maybe 15 minutes outa a whole hour and half birth. the fucking nurse in on there more than me. oh but hey--she was nice enough to put the camera on the shelf and film herself holding the baby for 10 or fifteen minutes. for real! i was gonna have my cousin film but like i said i was trying to include her.

okay i could list at least 20 but on to the next --

his brother. long story short i have a dayc are in my home. i was watching his child for free. his 8 yr old kid got sunburned. he got mad at me and took his child from me and has never and i never spoke to me again. even though i have said sorry many times.

well bitch is having a bday party for my hubby and his brother. and she expects me to go and put up with this shit. my sons bday was a few weeks ago, did his brother come? no. oh but i should go to his? i get sick at my tummy thinking of being there.

i am a nice person i dont see how this happended. i have alot of friends,,, of all types. i have a best friend that is a police detective. the other is a pot head. some with 100,000 dollar houses one lives in housing. whats my point? just that i can and do get along with all kinds of people.

i have even called her and told her i wanted us to work on our friendship and she said okay but still acts this way.

on my sons bday- she sat in the same spot all day. and my friend over heard her say to his brother that did come- dont break nothing then she will have somehting else to blame us for. she said this becasue he was playing with his son with a $3 big lots wiffle ball bat and it slung oputa his hands and hit the shed.

i dont wanna go you guys. what would you do?

current mood: infuriated

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Wednesday, July 2nd, 2003
12:11 pm - IS IT JUST ME!!????
fat_momma Or do any of you have a great hubby..................and a wicked witch of a mother-in-law? how could he have came from her? oh ..... why me lord???

current mood: annoyed

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Saturday, February 8th, 2003
6:05 pm

So, my senior voice recital is tomorrow night. J's father is, unfortunately, planning on attending, and he's pretty much the last person that I want there. J knows this, too, but I've gone ahead and told his father that I'm "so glad that he's coming" because I know that the more J's father likes me, the easier he makes it on J to date me. I'm not used to being two-faced like this and I don't like it, but I'll butter the guy up if it will make J's life a bit easier.
What's really going to be interesting is that this is the first time our respective parents are meeting each other. Unfortunately J's mom had to fly back to NC this afternoon, but his father and stepmom (whom I actually enjoy) will get to meet my parents. *Good gravy.*

Wish me luck and let's hope that I survive in one piece..

current mood: anxious

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Friday, January 10th, 2003
11:12 am

I'm I the first one to post? Cool. I know LJ has been down a lot for non-paid accounts. So anyway...

My mother-in-law has to have it her way or no way. The latest incedent is she's mad at us for having plans on Saturday when she swears she told us that my father-in-law's brother and 2 daghters were coming over for dinner Saturday night. I have no recolection of this, neither does Chris. Chris planned on going over his friend's house to watch football (they've been doing this every Saturday for the past 2 weeks) and one of my very good friends is moving and I want to help her move. So I'm planning on letting her be pissed at me. Chris said he might go, but I'm not rushing back from New Jersey to please her.

current mood: annoyed

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