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My mother-in-law, loved me until my husband put the ring on my finger.  when we told her that we were buying a condo, the first thing out of her mouth was.."can you afford it?"  then when my husband told her that he was excited that he could relax and not have to do yard work or plowing, she retaliated and said..."well you have to do mine."  The thing that bothers me the most about her, is the fact that with everything she does against me, it hurts my husband.  No matter what i keep trying to be her friend but she does not think of me as part of the family.  She calls my husband when he is at work at least 3 times, but never when he is home because she doesnt want me to answer.  He has started to not answer her, and now she is freaking out sending him text messages!...There are many other things that she has done, and not only her, but my husbands sister as well.  If anyone can give me some advice that would be great because i am at my wits end.  i feel bad that my husband has to be distant from his family, and that she never sees me as part of the family, because it hurts him!!! let me know what you think i should do.
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I'm in a similar situation. My Monster-in-Law HATES me and makes it VERY well known and his father is the same way. His father screams at me and has even gone as far as threatening me. They never did anything in front of my husband, but recently, they've really pushed it too far. I always felt bad and gave in and let them walk all over me and come between my husband and I and we have 2 kids. Our older daughter isn't actually my husband's and my in-laws make it VERY well known, so my husband is actually finally seeing it and learning (VERY SLOWLY) to stand up to his parents. He's actually called them out on their bullshit and doesn't want to be bothered with them anymore. He actually wants to move out of the state and honestly....I'm packed and ready to go. LOL Maybe your husband needs to stand up to his family. The both of you should sit down with them and find out exactly what their problem is and he needs to be the one to say, "By not accepting my wife, you're not hurting her...you're just hurting and losing me. You can either accept her or lose us both." HE needs to be the one to stand up to them or it will just look like you're trying to push him away from his family. And believe me...it's not going to happen over night, but in time, it WILL happen and the two of you will become closer for it. :) I hope all works out for you both.